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Date: May 18 Time: 6 p.m.

494 McLaws Circle,

Williamsburg VA 23185

Phone: 757-229-0275

On behalf of the Colonial Corvette Club we appreciate your contacting us. We are pleased that our website was useful for your group project. We would like to recognize Adrian for his initiative and will proudly include his article along with a "contributed by a local student from "School". If possible we would like to arrange for some of the Corvettes to drive through the school parking lot or near the library. Please let us know if this could be arranged. Ms Taylor, we are sure your students are inspired by your enthusiasm and making learning fun. 

Thank you again for contacting the Colonial Corvette Club. 

Thanks, Dan

Good Afternoon Mr. Horn, Mr. Lively and Mr. Williams

I'd just like to say a quick word of thanks! I'm a youth services librarian running a fun automobile history and beginner car modeling class for 7-13 year olds, and I thought you all might enjoy hearing that we were able to get some great use out of your club's corvette links lists. We were even able to use some of this information for our most recent group project. Thanks so much for sharing!

I hope you don't mind, but one of our youngest, Adrian has also asked me if I could pass along an article that he and his father found together with you all, which includes an awesome breakdown of corvette history and generations C1-C7. I've listed it below if you'd like to review! Initially, I was a little hesitant to reach out, but I think this could actually be a really fun addition for any other corvette enthusiasts coming across your information, like Adrian and his father! If you find you're able to include this one, would you please let me know? We meet Friday, and I would absolutely love to surprise Adrian if you are able - I think it would make his day to know he was able to 'pay it forward' (we're pretty big on this principle in our children's library group) and maybe even show his father his contribution if ends up being used  colonialcorvetteclub.com/links

Thanks again for all your help here,

LouAnne Taylor  -  https://www.partsgeek.com/mmparts/enthusiasts_guide_to_the_corvette.html

Three of us traveled to the car show in Wendell, NC yesterday May 15. Dan Lively, Kenny Barger and myself went. It was a great drive there about 170 miles.. There were many cars of all kinds. Just for some interest the 50/50 drawing was $920. to the winner. Unfortunately, the three  of us did not win that. But on a brighter note we all got trophies, voted by the people. Kenny and I in the C7 class Dan in the C6 class. It was a great time  and we met  a lot of nice people. The weather also cooperated with temps in the 70's.


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